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Steelwork Bearing Details of Hollowcore Floors

Bearing on shelf angles. Slabs can be formed with either reduced ends or a notched end to allow the slab to sit on the shelf angle. The void between the unit and the steel beam is then filled with C25/30 grade concrete by the main contractor to tie the components together.

Precast Concrete Floors | Flooring UK

FP McCann is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality precast concrete floors. A family run business with over 60 years’ experience, we offer an extensive range of precast concrete flooring solutions including beam and block/poly flooring, ThermaBeam™ flooring, hollowcore flooring, stairs and landings to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets.

Hollowcore Precast Concrete Floors

The UK’s leading manufacturer of pre-stressed Hollowcore Concrete Floors. Milbank hollowcore floors (also known as slabs or planks) are pre-stressed concrete slabs with internal tubular voids, creating an efficient and lightweight plank that is far lighter than other floor slabs of equal thickness or strength.

Hanlon Concrete

With hollowcore pre-stressed concrete flooring you can build your foundation for your walls only, and have the incredibly strong concrete flooring slabs installed for your floors, resulting in rapid progress in the time it takes to construct the first stages of your building. Concrete Flooring Design Process

Load-span Details of Hollowcore Floors

Load-span tables. The above load-span table takes into account self weight, finishes, imposed load, service/ultimate conditions, deflection and natural frequency. They are given as a guide only, please contact us on 01636 832000 for further advice.

ACP Concrete, precast concrete floors,precast concrete

ACP (Concrete) Ltd offer a range of precast concrete floors to suit all situations. Beam and block floors are available in 150mm and 225mm. Where high levels of insulation are key our prestressed concrete beams can be used in conjunction with Tetris thermal flooring blocks.

Precast Concrete Flooring Manufacturers

Flood Precast concrete flooring manufacturers deliver flooring solutions including wide slab, voidslab, hollowcore and omnia flooring throughout Ireland.

Types Of Precast Flooring

The Precast Flooring Federation have published a second Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), detailing the environmental impact of 1m length of precast concrete T-Beam from cradle-to-grave. All British Precast EPDs are verified to EN15804 by Europe’s …

Precast Omnia Floor Slab

The Keegan Precast Omnia Flooring System is suitable for concrete, steel and masonry building structures. The Omnia slab is a reinforced precast concrete slab which incorporates a lattice girder to provide stiffness and facilitate the placement of the top mesh.

Hollowcore Concrete Planks

In addition to our beam and block products we also manufacture a range of prestressed concrete flooring units known as hollowcore slabs or planks. These planks or slabs are ideal for offices, shops, light industrial, or high quality residential properties where spans are often greater with increased loadings.

Flooring Concrete Products - Beam and Block, Hollowcore

CBS Precast offer a range of precast concrete products including Beam and Block Flooring, Hollowcore Flooring, and concrete Stairs and Landings. CBS Precast offer a range of precast concrete products including Beam and Block Flooring, Hollowcore Flooring, and concrete Stairs and Landings.

Hollowcore and Beam & Block Load Span Tables

Hollowcore and Beam & Block Load Span Tables. The precast concrete Load Span tables provided below are to be used as a guide only. Please Contact Us for specific information regarding your project. Looking for a quotation? Our dedicated sales and estimating team are on hand to answer any of your queries.

Precast Concrete Floors in Steel Framed Buildings

by Bison Concrete Products Limited but the information presented is generic. 1.2 Introduction to precast units Precast concrete floor units are widely used in all types of building. It is estimated that 50% of multi-storey steel framed buildings use precast concrete floors. The precast concrete floor unit is used to span between supporting steel

Prestressed Hollowcore

Our flooring can be used on residential, commercial, education, infrastructure and car park projects. We offer competitive pricing, fast installation and reduced site risks making Creagh precast concrete flooring the obvious choice. Floor slabs can be installed at ground floor, first floor and multi-story levels with ease. This reduces the ...

Churchill Stone | Precast floor manufacturer in Donegal

Churchill Stone is a supplier of top quality stone, cement, blocks and precast concrete Churchill Stone | Precast floor manufacturer in Donegal Northwest Ireland Home About Us Blocks Precast Concrete Tarmacadam Stone Concrete Contact

Rhino Precast Ltd | Precast Concrete Flooring Solutions

Rhino Precast Ltd specialise in the design, supply and the installation of precast concrete solutions to the construction industry. Rhino Precast Ltd provide a comprehensive range of products which include traditional beam and block flooring, insulated beam and block floors, hollowcore planks, precast stairs and landings, lift shafts and other specialist bespoke precast.

Hollowcore Flooring - CBS Precast Concrete Flooring

Once installed, the flooring is completed by grouting between the joints with a concrete mix, leaving a working platform immediately available for following on trades. Hollowcore flooring meets the necessary fire safety requirements to comply with Building Regulations.

Combi beam - Bison - steel / precast concrete / rectangular

Where either Hollowcore or Solid Flooring units bear onto structural steelwork, economies can be achieved by designing the steel beam to act compositely with the precast units. Shear studs are welded onto the top flange of the steel beam and reinforced in-situ concrete enables the precast and the...

Precast Concrete Hollowcore Flooring Projects

11/28/2019 · Hollowcore flooring slab is a concrete flooring material which exploits the strength and durability of precast concrete, whilst reducing the weight which can be its main drawback. The term ‘hollow… read more

Concrete Flooring Bison Precast

Concrete Flooring Bison Precast - core prestressed precast flooring. Bison Concrete Products Limited, Swadlincote DEBB, UK. Bison Concrete Products Ltd. has been a dominant company in the production and sale of precast, prestressed hollow core flooring in the.

Hollowcore Floors

Hollowcore Floors A hollowcore floor slab is a prestressed precast concrete element incorporating continuous voids to reduce self-weight whilst providing an efficient structural section manufactured by slipform, extrusion or wetcast

Prestressed Concrete Flooring, Precast Concrete Floors

Prestressed Concrete Flooring. Prestressed flooring is the most effective type of flooring where large spans and shallow depths are desirable. The product is designed, manufactured and certified to EN 12737 in our ISO 9001:2008 accredited plants.

Precast Concrete Flooring Company

Lynx Precast are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of precast concrete flooring systems. We provide a complete range of products including traditional beam and block flooring, insulated beam and block floors, hollowcore slab, stairs and landings.

System Overview of Hollowcore Floors

precast concrete flooring products from Bison Precast. Our range of hollowcore units is available in 150, 200 and 250mm deep sections and can be supplied nationwide, either on a supply and install basis by specialised teams from Bison Precast, or supply only for installation by the main contractor.

Balcony Details of Hollowcore Floors

Balcony Details. Bison Precast are able to offer several solutions to incorporate balconies into a floor layout:

Beam and Block Flooring | Precast Concrete

Easy-to-install insulated beam and block flooring. Longley Concrete’s beam and block flooring system is quick and easy to install and comprises of 175mm deep, prestressed concrete beams installed with 100mm deep building blocks laid between them.. Quick to install in all weather conditions, Longley beam and block floors create an immediate and safe working platform.

Hollowcore Floor Bearing Details - Bison

Issued by: CF 13/08/13 Approved by: DA 13/08/13 Reference: HCS-01 Page: Bison Precast Flooring Specification Manufacturing Ltd Engineering Department Notching: Where slabs are notched around stanchions or similar obstructions, these will be of rough appearance (see also clause 4.10) Unless expressly stated in Bison’s quotation, any resultant ...

Hollowcore Floors & Concrete Products

Largely because of fast on-site construction, Bison hollowcore floors are one of the most economic flooring solutions for the widest variety of situations including masonry, steel and concrete structures for retail, commercial and industrial buildings. The table is given as a guide only.

Precast Hollowcore Concrete | Hollow Core Concrete Planks

What is Hollowcore Concrete? Most often used in the construction of flooring, hollow core concrete planks are pre-stressed, precast concrete elements that are structurally efficient and light weight. Hollow core precast concrete has continuous voids that run longitudinally throughout the planks.

TopFloor | Concrete, Hollow-core & Precast Floors

TopFloor is a name built on a concrete foundation of quality and dependability. Specialising in concrete, hollow-core and precast floor slabs and walls.

BISON PRECAST | Offsite Construction Show 2020

Our precast concrete products help reduce weight and can cut installation times in half, thanks to our exclusive, patented system of mechanically inserted lifting hooks. We were the first UK manufacturer to have them and we hold a license to mechanically insert them under factory-controlled conditions. WEBSITE. www.Bison-precast-concrete

Concrete Flooring | Reinforced Concrete Floors

Spanwright Hollowcore Concrete Flooring. Concrete Flooring is one of the key elements of a secure investment in any building, contributing to the structure’s safety, durability and thermal performance.

Concrete Flooring Review: Pros and Cons

Concrete flooring begins with a structural concrete pad that is by nature extremely strong and durable, which is why it is so popular for hard-working commercial areas, such as garages and warehouses. Concrete has similar virtues when used as a residential flooring material.

Home - Cube 6 - CUBE6 - The Precast Floor Specialists

CUBE6 supply precast concrete suspended flooring systems. We offer the most comprehensive insulated flooring systems on the market. CUBE6 Thermal floors combine a quality pre-stressed 150mm deep concrete beam with a vast array of polystyrene systems, panel depths and grades. This provides a …

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